Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv Fish Finder Review

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The Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv Fishfinder is an affordable CHRIP Imaging Sonar fish finder, offering contour mapping and live view features.

The 9-inch screen and item dimensions of 8 x 11.5 x 6 inches, product dimensions 4.4″L x 7.8″W x 9″H make it a great choice for those looking for a CHRIP Imaging Sonar fish finder.

The Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv, w/GT52, features a high-contrast color palette for better visibility of fish and structures, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality fish finder.

Let’s review Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv, model number 010-02554-00, Specifications, Features, and FAQs now.

Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv, Easy-to-Use 5-inch Color Fishfinder and Sonar Transducer, Vivid Scanning Sonar Color Palettes, 9 inch (010-02554-00)
Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv, Easy-to-Use 5-inch Color Fishfinder and Sonar Transducer, Vivid Scanning Sonar Color Palettes, 9 inch (010-02554-00)

Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv Specifications

SpecificationsGarmin Striker Vivid 9SV
Dimension11.1” x 6.5” x 2.4” (28.2 x 16.5 x 6.0 cm)
Weight2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)
Display TypeWVGA color
Display Size4.4″ x 7.8″ (11.2 x 19.8 cm); 9.0″ diag (22.8 cm)
Display Resolution800 x 480 pixels
Mounting Optionsflush, tilt/swivel
Track Points50,000
Navigation Routes100
Power Input12 to 20 Vdc
Typical Current Draw0.75 A
Max Current Draw1.5 A
Power Consumption9
Displays SonarYes
Traditional Sonar (Dual Frequency/Beam)Built-in
FrequencyTraditional: 50/77/200 kHz CHIRP (mid and high) ClearVü and SideVü 260/455/800 kHz
Transmit Power500 W (RMS)
4-Pin Transducer Ports2

Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv Features

Handy Size and Tough Design

At just over 11 inches long and a little over 6 inches tall, this fish finder is compact enough to fit on any boat without taking up valuable space. It weighs a mere 2.4 pounds, so it’s easy to handle. Plus, with its IPX7 waterproof rating, it won’t mind getting splashed, making it a reliable tool for any fishing trip.

Clear and Large Display

You won’t miss a thing with the 9-inch screen that displays information in vibrant color and clear 800 x 480-pixel resolution. Whether it’s bright or cloudy, you can see fish and underwater structures clearly. It’s user-friendly too, with simple controls and versatile mounting options – choose between a fixed position or an adjustable angle for the best view.

Never Forget a Good Spot

With room to save up to 5,000 locations, you can mark all your favorite fishing spots. It records up to 50,000 track points and 50 saved tracks, so you can trace your journey on the water. Planning your next trip is easy because you can store up to 100 navigation routes.

Efficient on Power

Fishing trips can last all day, and this fish finder is built for that. It has a low power draw, so your boat’s battery will last longer. You’ll spend less time worrying about power and more time focused on the fish.

Advanced Sonar Capabilities

Equipped with traditional sonar as well as ClearVü and SideVü scanning, you get a complete picture of what’s beneath your boat. Whether you’re scanning the depths or the sides, the sonar operates on multiple frequencies for detailed images of fish and structures. And with a transmit power of 500 W (RMS), it gives you a clear and precise view of the underwater world.

Ready for Multiple Setups

The inclusion of two 4-pin transducer ports means you can enhance your sonar experience by connecting additional sensors, making this fish finder adaptable to future upgrades.

What’s in the box?

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv is set at $999.

The Garmin Striker Plus 9sv, Lowrance Elite 9 Ti, and Humminbird 999ci HD SI are all popular fishfinders. While the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti and Humminbird 999ci HD SI have a screen size of 9 inches, the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv is slightly larger with a 9-inch screen. The screen resolution for all three units is 480 x 800 pixels.

One key difference is that the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti has a touchscreen, which allows for easier navigation and control compared to the buttons on the other two fishfinders. The Garmin Striker Plus 9sv and Humminbird 999ci HD SI do not have a touchscreen interface.

In terms of imaging capabilities, the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti features 2D, Down Imaging, and Side Imaging, providing a comprehensive view of underwater structures. The Garmin Striker Plus 9sv also offers 2D, Down Imaging, and Side Imaging, while the Humminbird 999ci HD SI offers 2D and Side Imaging.

When it comes to transducer types, all three fishfinders support transom mount and trolling motor installations. The transmit power of the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv is 500W RMS with a peak-to-peak power of 4,000W. The Lowrance Elite 9 Ti has a max transmit power of 500W RMS, and the Humminbird 999ci HD SI boasts a higher RMS transmit power of 1,000W with an impressive peak-to-peak power of 8,000W.

For GPS capabilities, the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv and Humminbird 999ci HD SI have internal antennas, while the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti features a 10kHz internal high-sensitivity WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS antenna. All three fishfinders come with default maps, with the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv offering 3,000 US lake maps and US coastal maps, and the Humminbird 999ci HD SI featuring Humminbird ContourXD maps. The default maps for the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti were not mentioned.

In terms of pricing, the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti has an MSRP of $999, the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv is priced at $699, and the Humminbird 999ci HD SI is the most expensive at $1499.

While all three fishfinders have their own set of features and capabilities, the choice ultimately depends on the user’s specific requirements, budget, and personal preference.

The ActiveCaptain app is a valuable tool that can enhance your experience with the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv. By utilizing your wireless WiFi connection and a mobile device, you can easily access and utilize the app’s features.

One of the main benefits of the ActiveCaptain app is that it provides notifications directly to your Striker Plus 9sv screen. This means that you can receive important updates and alerts, keeping you informed and aware while out on the water.

Additionally, the app allows you to connect with the Quickdraw Contours Community. Within this community, you have access to an extensive library of previously created maps that you can download to your device. Alternatively, if you have created your own maps, you can upload and share them with other anglers. This creates a collaborative environment where you can benefit from the knowledge and experiences of fellow anglers.

Furthermore, the ActiveCaptain app enables you to conveniently receive regular updates to your device. These updates are vital to keep your device functioning optimally and to ensure that you have the latest features and enhancements available.

Overall, the ActiveCaptain app seamlessly integrates with the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv, providing a multitude of benefits such as notifications, map sharing, and device updates, all of which greatly enhance your fishing experience.

Yes, the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv is equipped with WiFi function. This feature allows you to connect the fishfinder to the Garmin website and various apps. By utilizing WiFi, the device enhances your overall experience on the water and increases your chances of success.

The Garmin Striker Plus 9sv fishfinder is a cutting-edge device designed to enhance your fishing experience. It belongs to the renowned Garmin fishfinder product line and is the largest unit in the Striker Plus series. With its robust construction, it is built to excel in diverse environments.

Measuring 11.1 inches x 6.5 inches x 2.4 inches and weighing 2.4 pounds, the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv is a compact and lightweight fishfinder. Its size makes it highly portable and convenient to use on any fishing trip.

What sets the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv apart is its advanced features. It is equipped with WiFi capability, allowing you to connect to the Garmin website and access various apps. This feature enhances your fishing experience by providing you with up-to-date information and useful tools to make your time on the water more successful.

The primary function of the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv fishfinder is to locate fish. It utilizes innovative sonar technology to detect underwater structures, depths, and of course, fish. This comprehensive information can greatly increase your ability to catch fish, giving you an edge on your fishing expeditions.

Overall, the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv fishfinder combines durability, portability, and advanced features to offer anglers an exceptional tool for locating fish and maximizing their success on the water.


  • Large Display: 9-inch WVGA color screen offers excellent clarity.
  • Waterproof Durability: IPX7 rating ensures it withstands wet conditions.
  • Advanced Sonar Tech: Includes traditional, ClearVü, and SideVü scanning.
  • Generous Memory: Holds 5,000 waypoints and 50,000 track points.
  • Energy Efficient: Low power consumption with a typical current draw of just 0.75 A.


  • Lacks Touchscreen: Relies on keyed input, which may not be as user-friendly.
  • No Preloaded Maps: Requires external sources for detailed maps.
  • Fixed Memory: Memory is not expandable, limiting data storage.
  • No Map Adding Capability: Cannot add additional maps to the system.
  • Limited Networking: Networking capabilities are basic.

FAQ: Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv Fish Finder

The screen image can be split to combine ClearVu with CHIRP or charts simultaneously.
ClearVu allows users to see brush, timber, rocks, or manmade structures with amazing detail.
ClearVu allows users to see fish as they actually appear instead of relying on arched displays.
ClearVu provides a 180-degree image in a monochromatic display with clarity comparable to having a live camera beneath the boat.
Yes, the GPS function of the Striker displays your boat speed so you never need to guess when trolling.
Yes, the Striker allows you to mark boat ramps, docks, and other terrain features to make your return trip easier to find.
Yes, you can create routes using the GPS technology of the Striker.
The Garmin Striker series is designed to integrate various sonar views for a comprehensive underwater image. If bottom tracking and GPS contour recording are lost when traditional sonar isn’t displayed, it may indicate a software glitch or a hardware problem with the transducer. In this case, it is advisable to contact Garmin support for a diagnostic check and a potential firmware update or transducer replacement.
An overly bright display on one side of the SideVü can be due to incorrect settings or potentially a calibration issue. However, if adjusting the brightness doesn’t solve the problem uniformly across the display, it could indicate a hardware fault. Ensuring the transducer is clean and unobstructed is a good first step, followed by contacting support for further assistance if the issue persists.
A clicking sound from the transducer is normal as it emits and receives sonar signals. If you do not hear this clicking sound, it may indicate a malfunction of the transducer. It’s essential to contact Garmin support for confirmation and to discuss the warranty or replacement options.
If troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue, the best course of action is to return the unit to the point of purchase, if their return policy permits. Alternatively, contacting Garmin support directly can result in a quick resolution, as they may authorize an exchange or provide a direct replacement to resolve the issue promptly.
There have been instances reported where the depth range setting is not retained, which could be due to a software hiccup. Re-adjusting the depth range manually can temporarily fix the issue. For a more permanent solution, ensure that your device’s firmware is up-to-date or consult Garmin support for assistance.
Return policies for electronics vary greatly by retailer. It is crucial to understand the store’s policy at the time of purchase. In some cases, if a product is defective, the retailer may allow a return or exchange if coordinated with the manufacturer’s support, as in the case with Garmin products.
If you suspect a defective transducer, the first step is to contact Garmin customer support for troubleshooting. If confirmed defective, Garmin usually offers a replacement under warranty. It’s also worth noting that some retailers may provide direct exchanges if the product is within the return period and deemed faulty.
Yes, you have the ability to mark waypoints of desired locations on the water.
Yes, the Striker comes equipped with highly sensitive GPS technology that tracks your position anywhere you happen to be on the water.
The dual-beam sonar emits frequencies of 77 and 200 kHz.
The dual-frequency sonar emits signals simultaneously in the 50/77 and 200 kHz range.
The transducer emits signals at frequencies of 50/77 and 200 kHz.


The Garmin Striker Vivid 9SV is a compact, waterproof fish finder with a 9-inch WVGA color display, 5,000 waypoints, and detailed navigation data. It features sonar technology with scanning options and dual 4-pin transducer ports, allowing anglers to maximize their fishing potential.

The Garmin Striker Vivid 9SV weighs 2.4 lbs and measures 11.1″ x 6.5″ x 2.4″. While it may be heavy for kayaks, it is a great option for boats due to its sonar technology and charting features. The device takes fishing to a whole new level, making it a valuable choice for boaters.

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