How Do You Set the Timeon Your Garmin Striker 7SV Fish Finder?

Navigating the waters with your Garmin Striker 7sv fish finder can be an exhilarating experience. 

However, if your device isn’t displaying the correct time, it can throw off your fishing plans and overall experience. 

Fortunately, setting the time on your Garmin Striker 7sv is straightforward. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you’re always on track.

how do you set the time on your garmin striker 7sv fish finder

Understand the Time Setting Mechanism

Before diving into the steps, it’s essential to understand that the Garmin Striker 7sv sets its time based on two primary factors:

  • GPS Position: The device uses satellite data to determine your current location.
  • Time Zone Setting: Once the GPS position is established, the device adjusts the time according to the time zone you’re in.

Ensure Your Device Has a GPS Fix

For the Garmin Striker 7sv to display the correct time, it first needs to establish a connection with the GPS satellites. This process is known as getting a “GPS fix.” If your device doesn’t have a GPS fix, it won’t be able to determine your current location and, consequently, won’t display the correct time.

To ensure a GPS fix:

  • Make sure you’re in an open area with a clear view of the sky.
  • Wait for a few minutes. The device usually takes a short while to establish a connection with the satellites.

Navigate to the Time Zone Settings

Once you’re sure that your device has a GPS fix, you can proceed to set the time zone. Here’s how:

  • From the main menu, select Settings.
  • Navigate to and select Units.
  • From the list of options, choose Time Zone.

Set the Correct Time Zone

After accessing the Time Zone settings:

  • Browse through the available time zones.
  • Select the time zone that corresponds to your current location.

Remember, the Garmin Striker 7sv will use the combination of the GPS position and the time zone setting to display the correct time. So, ensuring that both of these are accurate is crucial.

FAQs on Garmin Striker 7SV Fish Finder

Your Garmin Instinct updates its time and date either when it syncs with your smartphone or when it acquires GPS signals. If you’ve changed time zones or need to adjust for daylight saving time, it’s essential to sync your device. To ensure the time updates automatically:
  1. Hold the main button and navigate to System.
  2. Select Time.
  3. Ensure the Auto option is enabled.
The primary difference between the Garmin Striker Vivid 7sv and 7cv lies in their scanning capabilities. The Striker Plus 7sv comes equipped with both Garmin DownVu and SideVu Scanning, allowing you to view beneath and to the sides of your boat. In contrast, the Striker 7cv only offers ClearVu, which provides a view directly below your boat.
In the context of Garmin’s Striker line, “sv” stands for SideVu. For instance, with the Striker Vivid 9sv, you benefit from both down and side imaging, enhancing your underwater visibility and fishing experience.
The Garmin Striker 7sv boasts impressive depth capabilities. Thanks to its DownVu and SideVu features, it can scan up to 1,100 feet in saltwater and an even deeper 2,300 feet in freshwater, ensuring you get a comprehensive view of the underwater world.


Ensuring that your Garmin Striker 7sv fish finder displays the correct time is vital for a seamless fishing experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily set the time and focus on what you love most – fishing. Always remember to check for a GPS fix and set the appropriate time zone for accurate time readings. Safe fishing!

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