How to Connect 2 Garmin Fish Finders Together

How to Connect 2 Garmin Fish Finders Together? Garmin fish finders are leading the way in fishing technology advancements.  If you have two of these amazing depth finders, you may be wondering how to connect Garmin fish finders. The good news? All you need is a 2-wire 16-gauge connection between them.  This guide will explain … Read more

Why Does My Garmin Fish Finder Keep Turning Off?

Why Does My Garmin Fish Finder Keep Turning Off? Navigating the waters with a reliable fish finder is essential for many anglers and boaters. Garmin, a renowned name in marine electronics, offers a range of chartplotters and fish finders that are trusted by many.  However, like all electronic devices, there can be moments of unpredictability. … Read more

Does Garmin Striker 4 Have GPS?

Does Garmin Striker 4 Have GPS? The Garmin Striker 4 has been a topic of discussion among fishing and boating enthusiasts for its features and capabilities.  One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Does Garmin Striker 4 have GPS?”  In this article, we’ll delve deep into this question and provide a comprehensive overview. Garmin … Read more

Elementor #1489

How to Register Your Garmin Striker 7cv Fish Finder? Technology has transformed the world of fishing. One such marvel is the Garmin Striker 7cv fish finder.  If you just bought this gadget, you need to register it to access all its features and updates.  Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide on how to register your … Read more

Are Garmin Fish Finders Waterproof?


Ever been fishing in the rain and wondered, Are Garmin fish finders waterproof? Well, there’s no one answer for all fish finders, but good news—most of them are! These devices often have a feature called IPX7 waterproofing. This means they can stay submerged in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. This article will help … Read more

Chartplotter vs GPS – Which One Do You Need In 2023

Chartplotter vs GPS – Which One Do You Need

Chartplotter vs GPS: In navigation technology, two important systems stand out: Chartplotter and GPS. These amazing technologies make it easier to explore new land and sea areas. This guide talks about chartplotters and GPS systems. It explains how they are different and what they can do on our adventures. This guide helps you understand navigation … Read more

Garmin Fish Finder Settings

Garmin Fish Finder Settings In this guide, we’ll explore the settings of the Garmin fishfinder chart plotter. A common question is which settings are best for 2D Sonar, SideVü, DownVü, and chart plotter to successfully identify fish, cover, and structure in the water. Today, we’ll go through the unit from top to bottom, explaining each … Read more

How Do I Reset My Garmin Depth Finder?

How Do I Reset My Garmin Depth Finder? Having trouble with your Garmin depth finder can be a hassle, especially when you’re eager to get out on the water. Resetting electronic devices is a common and often simple solution for many technical issues. Our guide will walk you through resetting your Garmin depth finder step by step, … Read more